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Counseling Services

The services offered by Stained Glass Counseling are available through in-person sessions in Waco, TX or secure video/telehealth sessions. You are also welcome to choose to do your "Meet Brandi" session by phone.

Video Services Available in:

 ​Meet Brandi | 30 Min - Free

Intake Assessment | 90 Min - $225

Individual Counseling | 60 Min - $150

Individual Counseling | 90 Min | $200


Brandi has been educated and trained in Clinical Mental Health Counseling which focused on gaining knowledge of all mental health struggles. She specializes in working with adults 18+ through individual and group therapy. Brandi has additional training and expertise in the following areas:






Personality Disorders


Brandi has been trained in a therapy tool called “Brainspotting.” This relational, brain-body and mindfulness approach to treatment can help you reach your goals in therapy more quickly.


Prices are listed above in the services section. Payment is expected at the time of service and can be made with credit card, HSA, cash, or check.


Stained Glass Counseling is not currently paneled with any insurance companies. However, Brandi will do "courtesy billing" in which you pay the full price for treatment and a bill is sent to your insurance company. You will then be reimbursed by your insurance based on your specific plan's out-of-network coverage.

Discounted Services

Limited spots are available for sliding scale services that are based on income and need. These fees are between $75 and $125. Clients are welcome to inquire if any reduced fee spots are available by contacting Brandi.

How to get started

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