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The Safe &
Sound Protocol

Sound Therapy for Regulation & Connection

The Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) is an evidenced-based listening therapy created as a practical application of The Polyvagal Theory (PVT). This program was designed to help improve nervous system regulation which helps us think, feel, and connect better in daily life. 

Benefits of Nervous System Regulation


Issues related to sleep, eating, digestion, concentration, communication, and sensory processing reduce.


Attune to emotions more quickly and move more flexibly through temporary setbacks.


Nervous System regulation allows us to be more comfortable with others and develop more meaningful connections

How Does the SSP Work?

Sounds Impact Our Nervous System

Your Brain & Body intuitively know what sounds are more alerting or calming. 


Low Frequencies = Alert


Mid Frequencies = Safe


High Frequencies = Danger

The main 5 Hour Playlist in the SSP is filtered to highlight middle frequencies where human voice lives, helping our brains learn to recognize signs of safety. 

Train Your Nervous System

Stretch and Build Resistance to Stress

The SSP algorithm increases and decreases filtration throughout the 5 hours, stretching your nervous system into activation and returning to regulation.

This acts for our nervous system like training on a treadmill does for our bodies - increasing speed, incline, and length over time as we grow more resilient.

Who Can SSP Help?

The SSP can help improve overall health and resiliency for all people and can help with symptoms related to:

Mental Health Diagnoses

  • ​Anxiety

  • Depression

  • PTSD

  • Trauma History


Neurodevelopment Differences

  • Autism

  • ADHD

  • Sensory Sensitivities (Misophonia, Motion Sickness, etc.)

Chronic Health Issues

  • Long COVID

  • POTS

  • Chronic Pain

  • Chronic Fatigue


The SSP Program Details

The core SSP program has a general framework that is individualized to fit your nervous system's needs. 

Intake & Assessments

90 Min

A comprehensive evaluation to review physical, mental, social, and spiritual wellness history and confirm that the SSP is right for you. 


Main Program


The Core SSP program is a one time price with no additional charges based on length of time to completion.

2023 Discount - $750

Additional Costs

3 Months Post Completion Access


You have the option to have access to certain playlists that could prolong benefits from SSP Program.

Repeat of Main Program


It can be helpful to repeat the SSP program for continued growth. A discount of the main program is offered for repeats.

Payment Options

Pay in Full

Payment in full is preferred a the time of intake with credit/debit card or cash. 


An Installment plan of 4 Payments of $250 bi-weekly is offered. If you receive the 2023 discounted rate, 3 Payments of $250.


Insurance does not currently cover The Safe & Sound Protocol in- or out-of-network. To use your HSA you must first confirm it is allowed with your plan. 

Reduced Pricing

Currently there is a $250 discount off the total price of SSP through the end of 2023. All further discounted options are currently full. 

How to Get Started

Learn About the SSP

Review This Website & Other Resources

SSP Website

SSP Research

SSP Video

Schedule FREE Consultation

Make Sure SSP is a Good Fit For You

30 Minutes In-Person or Remote

Ask Questions & Meet Provider

Start Listening!

Work With Provider to Schedule Your Intake & Make a Listening Plan

Schedule Your Consult

Get Started
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